// Alexander Soloviev //

Date of Birth, Nationality:
_05.09.1988, Russian (Moscow/ London)

Present Activity:
Freelance Filmmaker


Alexander could be a really good biologist after finishing Trinity College in Dublin where he moved from Moscow to become very-very wise, but fortunately he has dramatically broke his leg, and moved to London. Alexander loved making little films about his Russian friends do super-stupid and crazy things which got him accepted to London College of Communication where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Film and Video. But it wasn’t enough, Alexander wanted people to call him Master, therefore he went to Central Saint Martins Drama Center where he became a Master of Arts in Directing for Screen. Alexander learned hell a lot about acting there, that gave him a really good technique in working with actors and also the ability to talk about Marlon Brando for hours. Alexander shoots Commercials, TV-Series, Documentaries, Music Videos and everything else that can be shot. The depth of his creativity may be compared only to his level of involvement in the production process.

Academic Studies:
_2011 MA Screen: Directing at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Drama Centre, London
_2009 BA HONS Film & Video, University of the Arts, London College of Communication, London

// Commercials // 


_2017 «Orbit. Stunt». Web Commercial. 3 min.

_2017 «Zvyozdochka. Karandash». TVC. 30 sec

_2017 «Smart. Love Your Car». Web commercial. 2.30 min.

_2017 «FWYS». TVC. 30 sec

_2017 «Rocket Bank. #Wesolve». Series of web documentaries 5x4 min.

_2017 "Attack". TVC. 30 sec
_2016 "Malutka". TVC. 20 sec.

_2016 "Skoda".TVC. 30 sec

_2016 "Malutka". 2 documentary films. 2x10 min

_2016 "Durex". 4 internet commercials. 20 sec.

_2016 "Marlboro". Series of films. 3min x 6

_2016 "Nissan". TVC. 30
_2016 "McDonald's. Share, Like, Cat", TVC, 30 sec
_2016 "Rosgosstrah. Clubs", Internet and football stadiums, 18x90 sec commercials
_2016 "Neirodoz", TVC, 20 sec
_2015 "Rosgosstrah. Football History", Internet and football stadiums, 16x50 sec commercials
_2015 "Baltika 7. Madebyrussians", Internet, series of commercial documentaries, 36 min
_2015 "Samsung Galaxy A", TVC, 30 sec
_2015 "Libero. Newborn. Testimonial", Internet, 1min
_2015 "Nurofen. Testimonials. Poland", TVCx2, 20 sec
_2015 "Nurofen. Testimonials. Russia", TVCx2, 20 sec
_2015 "KFC. Mini Football Championship", Internet, 01.19 min
_2015 "McDonald's. Family time", TVC, 30 and 45 sec
_2015 "VTB. Dynamo stadium", Internet, 02.25
_2015 "IKEA. New Method", Internet commercial, 04.46 min
_2015 "Philip Morris. P vs K", private use, 02.04 min
_2015 "Mobil 1. Perm", Internet, 02.10 min
_2015 "Basketball. MBSL vs ISBL", Internet, 03.17 min
_2014 «Sberbank. Dreams become true», internet commercial, 1.45 min 
_2014 «Rostelekom. Scary HD. Girl», internet commercial, 2.35 min
_2014 «Rostelekom. Scary HD. Selfie», Series of commercials, 3 episodes
_2014 «Beeline. Speed with no Limits», Series of commercials, 7 episodes
_2013 «Lazolvan: Breathing» (Лазолван: Дыхание) – Internet, 4 minifilms
_2013 «Big Dance» (Большие Танцы) – “Russia 1”, VGTRK, 30 sec
_2011 «Destroy» –Bowers & Wilkins, 47 sec
_2010 «Moscow Melody» –Bowers & Wilkins 1.09 min



// Film Experience //


_2019 "Temple" (Храм), 39min, Russia

_2017 "Cop's Wife» (Жена Полицейского), TV series. 16 x 50 min. (Masterskaya Pavla Lungina). Russia
_2015 "Russian Street Art" (Русский стритарт), 90min, Russia. In post production
_2014 «Circles of the Wold» (Кольца Мира), sub-director, official Olympics documentary, in post-production
_2014 «One Game Older» (Старше на Игру), Documentary, 19.50min, Gazprom, Russia
_2014 «Love Strings» (Нити Любви), TV Series, 4 episodes, 44min, ТВЦ, Russia
_2014 «On One Breath» (На Одном Дыхании), TV Series, 4 episodes, 44min, ТВЦ, Russia
_2013 «The Sunset of Mussolini», Documentary, 47 min, «Russia 1» VGTRK
_2013 «Emergency 71» (Реанимация 71), Documentary, 10.34 min, independent, Russia
_2013 «Twice Killed» (Дважды Убитый), Radio Play (AudioCinema), 4.00 h, MB Group, Russia
_2012 «The Sunset of Mussolini», Documentary, 47 min, «Russia 1» VGTRK
_2012 «3 Days of Epiphany», Drama, 55 min, HD, in post production, Russia
_2012 «Spell», Short Film, HD, 13 min, UK
_2011 «Shipment 56», Short Film, HD, 13 min, UK
_2011 «Sound of Indonesia», Documentary, 31 min, Indonesia
_2010 «The Hat», Short Film, HD, 2.43 min, UK
_2009 «Love People» , Short Film, HD, 3.09 min, UK


// Music Videos //


_2013 “Vernaya” – Soldier (“Верная” – Солдат), Russia
_2013 “Toboggans” – M O D A L T U N E, Russia
_2012 “Flowers” – Videos for the Concert, Russia
_2012 “Igolochki” – Olga, Russia
_2011 “A Deeper Dub Explict” – Apollo 440, UK
_2011 “Album Preview Mix” - Apollo 440, UK, Bulgaria
_2011 “A Deeper Dub Studio” – Apollo 440, UK
_2011 “Altamont” – Apollo 440, UK
_2010 «Pionerskaya» - Lil' Soulja, Russia
_2010 «Ya Lublu»- Lil' Soulja, Russia



// Miscellaneous crew //

Cinematographer_2012 “Kid”, Short Film, HD, 13 min (Director Vladimir Koshenkov), Russia
Director Trainee_2011 “The Rested”, TV Series, HD, 16 series, Russia
2nd Unit Camera_2011 “Demon”, Feature, HD, (Director: Mark Duffield), UK
2nd Unit Camera_2011 “Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine”, Documentary, HD, (Director: Davide Gentile), Belgium/UK

Director of Photography_2011 “Soul”, Short Film, HD, 7 min (Director: Roman Kim), UK
Director of Photography_2011 “Black Sun”, Short Film, HD, 12 min (Director: Roman Kim) UK
Director of Photography_2010 “Talk”, Short Film, HD, 15 min (Director: Roman Kim) Russia
1st Assistant Director _2011 “Ticking Clocks”, Short Film, HD 15 min (Director: Jacopo Miceli) UK
1st Assistant Director 2011 «Blood In», Short Film, HD, 9 min (Director: Nathan Hughes-Berry) UK
1st Assistant Director 2010 «A Máquina Voadora», Short Film, 16mm, 12 min (Director: Ricardo Lemos) Portugal
1st Assistant Director 2009 «Sour Milk», Short Film, HD, 11 Min (Director: Ben Galster) UK
Boom Operator 2009 «Laughing Tears», Short Film, 16mm, 13 min (Director: Johanna Giorgia Flora Lietha) UK

Camera Operator, Editor 2010 «Auto.Mail.Ru» - auto.mail.ru 30 sec
1st Assistant Director, 2010 “The Home” - Barclays Online Banking, S16mm, 45 sec ( Director: Jacopo Miceli)

// Languages //

Russian (Mother Tongue), English (Fluent)


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